Xavi is from Barcelona where he obtained his BA on Image Design and Photo Lab while he started to work shooting around the city. Shortly after he finished his undergrad he joint Barcelona TV as camera man first and then news editor to soon realise that traditional journalism news was not for him. He then moved on to animation.

At Cromosoma Studio he worked on digital animation to help digitalising some of the most popular cartoon shows in Spain: “Les Tres Bessones”, “Juanito Jones”, “Miniman”, and “Tom, the Dinosaur”, where he acted as composer and flash animator.

In his obsession to keep pushing himself, he became the Senior Art and Graphic Director at InerciaBCN, a multidisciplinary digital company specialised in video, animation, illustration, web and multimedia content.

In the last few years he has retaken his old photography passion: artists portraits.

He also plays bass guitar.




“Quim Fernàndez dice que son fotografías con un punto de cosa salvaje y que la luz cae muy dulcemente por todos los rincones; que son fotografías complejas y se parecen a la imagen de un espejo que se refleja en otro espejo; que es la fotografía del arte, que esencialmente es  un proceso para crear belleza a través de los instrumentos a partir de los cuales queda a la vista de los demás y que, precisamente quedar a la vista de los demás es la esencia primera de la fotografía.


Però en Quim és boig i a vegades s’embardissa amb teories una mica esparrecades”.


Quim Fernàndez


Xavi Olmos